Who is lorrie morgan dating

no she does not Lorrie Morgan has 2 kids a girl and a boy both in their twenties The first answer above is incorrect. Whitley died in 1989 from alcohol poisoning overdose. She had her son while married to country music star Keith Whitley.They stayed for two summers until Whitley went to work for Carl Jackson in 1972.By 1974, he was back with Stanley, this time singing lead vocals. Crowe and the New South but finally chased a career in country music, which had always been closer to his heart.Asides drinking bootleg bourbon with his friends, they would embark on some very life threatening races with cars on mountain roads, speeding and attempting dangerous leaps.

When Stanley heard them, he hired them for his band.Nevertheless, Whitley's music remained in the spotlight for several years beyond that. 3 on the country charts, introducing Krauss -- and Whitley -- to listeners who had only discovered country music in the early 1990s. Many musical artists have died with their memory gradually varnishing into thin air but Keith Whitley is among the few whose works stood the test of time long after he passed.He began indulging in the vice during his days of doing bluegrass gigs – way before he came of drinking age.When it became too serious, he made serious attempts to stop and his wife, Lorrie Morgan, was a pillar of support.

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