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Peep the video Ashley posted of them on vacation video below: And a photo of the unlucky lady at his finals game, next to Savannah James: Apparently, J. posted a cryptic message on his Instagram citing “what’s most important is right in front of you” and mentioned one of his exes.Can you guess which one of them he tied the knot with? One of the NBA’s most eligible bachelors has moved on from the single life. JR and his daughter Demi’s mother Shirley decided to make a move and “just get married.” Here’s the thing though, JR had a girlfriend that he has been with for a few years named Ashley Weatherspoon.

However, the good news is that you can do this without having to reinstall the machine – there is a bit of a sneaky short-cut for use cases like these.

The other thing to consider, of course, is whether you want/need to make this upgrade at all.

If you already have Fedora 23 installed and it is working normally, with support for all of the hardware in your computer, you might choose to stay with that, rather then take the time and incur the risk of upgrading.

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