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Miley's secret is safe with the rest of the regular cast.

Cornball widowed father Robbie Ray Stewart (country 1-hit wonder and Miley's real-life pa Billy Ray Cyrus) always has something banal to say.

You may already know that, though, because the show carries so much unprecedented recognition that its existence and success is planted firmly in the public's consciousness.

And that is the new Disney magic, the kind of wizardry that's been at the forefront of the company since Robert Iger became CEO in 2005.

That would only be an issue if the people of America and around the globe weren't welcoming these loud fads with open arms and wallets.

Dad's partner in "B" storylines is his son Jackson (Jason Earles), an oddball whose broad antics the show mistakenly believes are funny.Content with little artistic worth gets embraced by children and families to unheard of degrees.The ensuing merchandise onslaught provides the Mouse financial stability, so who cares if the quality of the brand name takes a dive?But, this review looks at one of the studio's present favorite enterprises, the mundane, ill-conceived cable television program that introduced the world to Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, and the obnoxious franchise that's rendered both ubiquitous since 2006."Hannah Montana" centers on a crowd-inciting teenage pop star (Cyrus) whose fame and schedule apparently rarely extend beyond Malibu.

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