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Even covers IPv6, web seeding, Embedded tracker, Super-seeding and proxy servers. Vuze has a lots of plugins available that are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks including automatically categorizing torrents, adding remote access solutions and even playing games such as Sudoku.Because you can select how much memory is allocated to Vuze it is possible to run far more torrents on it than on other torrent programs.u Torrent/Bit Torrent's feeds have suddenly stopped working for many due to the recent shutdown of Torcache Tracker exchange functionality allows peers to exchange information about trackers of a given file.It is another way of ensuring that the file is downloaded from the optimal source. It's just too much for people who just want a torrent downloader.There is a plugin that promises to make this process simpler, but it seems that there are a lot of unnecessary hoops to jump through.That said it's a small price to pay to get the functionality back.

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u Torrent would download films, games, etc so fast (up to 3.5mbps), this app is too slow.Many users report being able to run in excess of 3,000 torrents with no problems.It's possible to edit the tracker list to add or delete trackers.Device playback supports game consoles, Tivo, and i Tunes.While the app is clearly going for minimalism, some users might feel that the default window that consists of just torrents and their progress bars might provide a bit too little information or functionality.

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