Vista weather gadget not updating

Vista also ships with address book, calendar, , currency convertor, notes, picture puzzle, stocks, and weather widgets pre-installed for easy customization.

Users discover and install new widgets through Windows Live Gallery.

You might display extended information in this space such as a detailed weather report, include additional context such as a stock trading chart (pictured above), or display a full media file such as a large or video.

Each format offers its own simplicity and trust levels.

You’ll need to make a few key install decisions based on your trust concerns, the features of your widget, and budget.

Floating widgets can display more information than a desktop widget by expanding up to 400 pixels square (about a 3x increase over the sidebar’s 130 pixels).

A user can choose to always have your floating widget on top of all other application windows but will most likely access your floating widgets content as a heads-up-display by specifically engaging the Sidebar application through a click or keystroke. Image helpers provide quick and easy resizing of any image asset using Vista’s built-in thumbnail tools.

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