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(Some were just too complicated to justify trying). When I saw your site, I was very surprised that there is no refresh command in WPF, too. This approach has already saved me a great deal of time!

It also works well for updating progress bars when the percent changes. Looping Method();//This doesnt in the Utilities Class Main Window.

The code snippet below also show some C# specific techniques, namely: anonymous delegates and extension methods.

The Looping Method is just the method I use in my Window class to update the label (updating the progress) and then the code does some heavy lifting (Sleep ).

If you do, for example have two labels, it will update both of them even if only calling label1.refresh(); Any ideas? In Windows development, regardless of programming platform, to update a UI first you invalidate it, which means a WM_PAINT is sent over so the control can draw itself.

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I couldn't find it anymore, but credit where credit is due, someone else figured out that Invoke-ing a Render or lower priority task will result in the UI being redrawn.

The multithread method is great if you need to keep working inside the GUI while a long-running process does its thing, but where all you want is PROGRESS from a long-running task, this fills the bill like crazy! I've been searching for this for a bit now, and have finally found it! Log Text = "Count of Tasks Fetched and writing to DB\n"; Looping Method(); Any thoughts please..

All I wanted was a dialog box to pop up and tell the user to be patient, so this suited the bill perfectly. The GUI is not rendered while the click handler for my button is running ~1-2 seconds. I have never been compelled to leave a comment before. Tried implementing this in my code, this works in the Main xs class and not the helper class which is called by Main cs class.public static string Log Text Log Text = txt Log.

Essentially changing the text of a label (or sophisticatedly we can say a text-based progress bar).

In my past coding with MFC and Win Forms, it's fairly easy enough, you just invalidate and do an update (Invalidate / Update Window in MFC or Invalidate / Update in Win Forms).

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