Validating xml with perl

Example 22-7 is a DTD for the element didn't follow the DTD, but it couldn't tell us precisely what it violated in the DTD or how.At the time of this writing, you must use XML:: Xerces to validate while using SAX, or to validate against W3C Schema.This ensures that any well-formedness errors encountered can also be captured cleanly and sent to the user without causing a server error.If no parsing errors are encountered we push any structural validity errors that may have resulted from applying our schema to the document on to the and a good working knowledge of the XPath syntax you can add a powerful layer of structural validation to your Perl XML processing in a fraction of the time required by other solutions.What makes this type of application so popular is that it is drop-dead easy to implement.The same markup entered in the textarea is printed as-is in the preview section; and since you are using an HTML browser to view the HTML content you're authoring, if the contents of the preview section look right then you can be reasonably sure that the document that contains that markup will look right.This ubiquity made web-based applications possible. By having a common, albeit limited language from which to build user interfaces, client-server applications could often abandon the use of platform- and application-specific client-side executables in favor of accessing data and logic on the server through the CGI or Web server extension.

To avoid information overload we will focus on the parts that are directly relevant to validating the submitted content and warning the user about any errors encountered.Schematron's secret is that it's most often implemented as an XSLT stylesheet, in which the Schematron stylesheet is applied to the schema and the result of that transformation is applied as a stylesheet to the document being validated.The same is true with most flavors of except that the stylesheet is created dynamically and all the details hidden from view.It uses the XPath syntax to define a series of rules that should or should not be true about a given document's structure.Those rules, and the context in which they are evaluated, can be as coarse or as finely-grained as the task at hand requires.

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