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In the video, Eunice was threatening Confidence that he was going to be in trouble if he had infected her with HIV, and when asked whether she had gone for testing,and will inform H-Metro of the result she said they are planning to go and get tested in solidarity with her new sisters.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A feud between the operator of popular “hook-up” software and a leading sexual health advocacy group was settled on Thursday after the dating site agreed to add links to sexually transmitted disease testing locations.

Eunice said she only got to know the other girls after joining a ladies Whats App group.

It was in the samee Whats App group that she discovered that Melissa had been dating Confidence for six months, Rachel for 11 months and Natasha for two months and that he sends them the same text messages.

The battle between dating site Tinder and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation stretches back to last fall when the Los Angeles based non-profit group put up billboards and advertisements in Los Angeles and New York associating Tinder with sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Tinder, which is part of Match Group Inc, owned by IAC/Inter Active Corp, sent a “cease and desist” letter to the group after the billboards were erected.

Located in Lubbeek, about 11 km from the city center, it is the furthest from the city of all campuses.

) was the name of three men mentioned in the Bible: (1) the son of Aram and grandson of Shem (Gen , 23); (2) the son of Nahor and Milcah and brother of Buz (), where the KJV reads “Huz”; and (3) one of the sons of Dishan the Horite of the land of Edom ().

One of these settled in a district or a section of the country E of Pal., and on the border of Arabia, which became known as “The land of Uz.” In time it became famous as the home of Job.

Universitair Ziekenhuis Leuven, often shortened to UZ Leuven, is an academic hospital in Leuven, Belgium, associated with the university KU Leuven.

It consists of five campuses as of 2016; Gasthuisberg, Lubbeek, Pellenberg, Sint-Pieter and Sint-Rafaël.

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