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To use those programs, just install them and then configure a few settings to tell it when and what to check for.Those applications are great for updating other software because most of them will notify you when a program needs updated, and some will even do all the updating for you.Here is a data point for those having these issues.I was having the same problem and not having any luck with the fixes suggested here or elsewhere.

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There’s a lot of software out there, and not any single updater can catalog all of them.This is what I get in the terminal: Running Steam on linuxmint 19 64-bit STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically Pins up-to-date![2018-07-02 ] Startup - updater built Jun 8 2018 Looks like steam didn't shutdown cleanly, scheduling immediate update check [2018-07-02 ] Checking for update on startup [2018-07-02 ] Checking for available updates...Microsoft provides a tool, aptly called Windows Update, that comes with the OS to update it when needed. You can do so by searching for Windows Update through the Start menu or Control Panel. Step 3: Choose Install updates to ensure that your computer has the most recently available updates.Keeping your individual applications updated isn’t as easy as it is to update the Windows operating system.

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