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We will use membership lists from third party industry organizations, as well as the news Page index and additional criteria to identify news publishers for exemption.

Protecting 2019 Elections Through Greater Ads Transparency Over the past two years, we’ve made real strides when it comes to finding and addressing threats to election integrity, including: expanding our teams focused on safety and security to more than 30,000 people globally, on-boarding new fact-checking partners, and standing up elections operations centers in Dublin and Singapore.

EU advertisers will need to be authorized in their country to run ads related to the European Parliamentary election or issues of importance within the EU, as well as provide a “Paid for by” disclaimer clearly communicating who is responsible for the ad.

These ads will also be archived in the new Ad Library for seven years.

But what if you are uploading Meeting minutes or Agenda document from the last meeting you had?

Tagging against Client Name does not make much sense. I documented step-by-step instructions on how to create a Document Management System using multiple content types. Essentially, Content Type allows you to create categories (types of content) for a single Share Point document library.

Exemptions for News Publishers in the Ad Library in the US As we announced in November, we will no longer require qualifying news publishers targeting people in the US to go through the ad authorization process or label their ads as related to politics or issues.

All active ads for all Pages will be visible in the Ad Library, but ads from news publishers will no longer be labeled as related to politics or issues — and the news filter will no longer be included in the Ad Library.

In this blog post, my goal is to explain the four available options when it comes to configuring Share Point Document Library.Expanding API Access We know we can’t protect elections alone.That’s why we’re expanding access to our Ad Library API for others to analyze ads related to politics or issues.We’re also making transparency information more visible on Pages, expanding access to our API to help more people analyze political or issue ads, and exempting news publishers from labeling their ads as related to politics or issues in the US.Introducing a New Ad Library and Report We launched the Ad Library — previously called the Ad Archive in the US — to help people learn more about ads related to politics or issues that have run on Facebook or Instagram.

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