Updating rockbox

I have tried rebooting with cradle / without cradle.

Battery on, battery off...all i get is a gigabeat load screen and then it shutdowns when the load bar gets to the end...windows does not recognise anything so it is a little hard to reformat in either windows or with the gigabeat reformatterat this stage i would like a clean install of either rockbox or the toshiba firmware installed back on the machine.

You'll need to simply put a valid fwimg01there, either the one you backed up (as per the instructions) or another copy of the one downloaded from the Rockbox site, this time without running it through an external program.I used winrar but it changed the extension to ".rar" so i changed it [in winrar] back to Rebooted and...voila...I have had purple screens, white screens, green and brown stripes.You can view hidden files within Windows Explorer by setting the appropriate option as documented in the Wiki directions. First let's try to get Windows to recognize your GB.There are recovery instructions here: FXPort#Gigabeat_Recovery_Procedures This will allow windows to see the harddrive in your GB.

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