Updating disconnected datasets

Synced tables cannot be edited in CARTO Builder, as the data is being pulled from another resource.

In the Solution Explorer, click on your Database under Resources to select it.Every time the real-time data is refreshed, the analysis is re-run!Before connecting to an external datasource, you must select the external service from the Connect Dataset options. After your external connectors are enabled and connected, the connect dataset options display a list of your Google Drive, Dropbox or Box files.If you are interested in syncing to real-time data, you will have to re-import the live data again.When you add a new record, you'll want to add it to the Dataset and the underlying database. We'll use this button to clear the textboxes, ready for a new record to be added. Calling Navigate Records will put the record that was erased back into the textboxes. Saving to the Dataset is NOT the same as saving to the database. In order to do an automatic update, you need something called a Command Builder. Now that we have a Command Builder, we can do something with it. The Update method takes the name of a Data Set and a table.

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