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In order to use it, you will need to find an encrypted file on your computer, where you also have its un-encrypted version.

Once you have the pair, you’ll need to select both of them and drag-drop them over the tool’s icon.

Make sure that you do not have unwanted programs installed on your computer.

This decryptor tool works a bit differently compared to most other decryptors by Emsisoft and this is the reason we separated the instructions on how to use it from the rest.

Once you’re ready, simply select the folder in question and click on Decrypt. Look at the above toggle “Click to see how to use all decryptors from Emsisoft” for instructions how to use the decrypter.

Additional information, as stated by Emsisoft: “To start the decryption process you will need a file pair consisting of an encrypted file and the non-encrypted version of the same file.

We firmly advise you to not pay the ransom- if you pay it, you simply fund the criminals to create even more advanced ransomware versions.The files need to be between 64 KB and 100 MB in size.Select both and drag and drop them onto the decrypter executable to start the process.” Some users have mentioned that there browser was hijacked by my quick converter before having there files encrypted.If this is a new modchip, for instance, the following method *must* be used.If you messed up your main BIOS you can follow these directions by pressing and holding for a second or two both the "Power" and the "Eject" buttons on the xbox.

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