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Do I have to take Not Anymore every semester or every year? Is there a penalty for not completing the training? There is no grade associated with the Not Anymore online training course.Failure to complete the training will result in a registration hold for Fall 2016. It will not appear on your transcript and it will not affect your GPA.While not every example or story in the training may feel relatable, we believe the core concepts and messages are practical for everyone regardless of age.Also, please consider that as a more mature student, you might be regarded by your fellow students as someone whom they can turn to for advice.Category: Action, Anal, Blonde, Brunette, Funny, Hardcore, Lesbians, Oral, Orgy, Petting, Strip Tags: blonde sex games, brunette sex games, milfs porn games, play japan sex online, play milfs sex games This is a “milf battle” between two noble women – Matsumoto vs Tsunade!You play for a young man called Kai, who lives in feudal Japan as the servant for those two gorgeous mature ladies.Do I have to take the Not Anymore program if I had other interpersonal violence training on or off campus? We appreciate that fact that you have had previous training and hope that this training program will enhance and reinforce your understanding of issues surrounding sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence.

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We are required to train all students as they enter college as well as provide ongoing training to continuing students. A student must complete the program and save or print his/her certificate of completion as proof of successful completion. All first-time freshmen, incoming transfer students, and graduate students must complete Not Anymore by to lift the holds currently placed on their Spring 2016 registration.

The training takes approximately 75 minutes to complete. You will need to log back into the training by using the same process you used to enter it the first time, and it will take you to where you left off. The videos are designed for students to learn aggregate material to pass the post-test successfully. At the end of each video/module, you be asked a brief set of questions as part of post-test to aid in your learning and understanding of the concepts. All first-time freshman and transfer undergraduate students enrolled in Fall 2015 and/or Spring 2016; all matriculated graduate students enrolled in Fall 2015 and/or Spring 2016.

The program includes listening to videos; reading and understanding CSUN's prohibition statement against discrimination on the basis of gender or sex; reading and understanding the definitions of affirmative consent, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic and dating violence, and stalking; and an awareness of CSUN's policy and procedures regarding incidents of sexual misconduct. Your answers to the questions will be used only to calculate your score and then purged. In addition, any student who was required to and did not complete the online training program last academic year, will need to complete Not Anymore in order to remove the hold already placed on their account for Spring 2016 registration.

If I am a nontraditional student do I have to take the program? Sadly, issues concerning sexual misconduct cross all demographics, including age.

This training was designed specifically for the college population, recognizing the fact that we educate a large population of "nontraditional" students.

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