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In September 2014 the new government introduced a bill to parliament that allowed the sale of 40% of Energoatom to a foreign investor.This followed an announcement that the prime minister expected agreements for new nuclear reactor construction to be signed by the end of the year.Following the addition of two new VVER-1000 reactors in 2005, capacity increased to 13,107 which was 26.3% of the country’s total installed capacity.

In August 2016 Energoatom signed an agreement with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), one objective of which is to cooperate in the Ukraine-EU 'energy bridge' project, as well as completing Khmelnitski 3&4.Much of the coal-fired plant is old and with unconstrained emissions, and nearly half of it is due to close down.A new 750 k V link from Rovno to Kiev was commissioned in December 2015, and allowed Rovno and Khmelnitski plants to operate at full power (4,840 MWe gross) for the first time.In 2016, 81 TWh (49%) was from nuclear, 61 TWh (37%) from coal, 10 TWh from gas, and 9 TWh from hydro.Electricity consumption was 124 TWh after transmission losses of 17 TWh due to an old grid. Total capacity is about 52 GWe, including 22 GWe coal-fired, 13.8 GWe nuclear, 5 GWe gas and 4.8 GWe hydro.

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