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The ACLU-PA has recognized the dire need for more education and advocacy around transgender rights, especially given the lack of non-discrimination protections here in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.The Trans Justice Program aims to pave the way for the passage of statewide, comprehensive non-discrimination protections, which is a top priority for the ACLU of Pennsylvania and an issue we have worked on for more than a decade.Providing transgender health care services aligns with our mission of enabling all people to make empowered, informed decisions about their bodies and lives.We are committed to providing care that is supportive of transgender and gender nonconforming patients. “We did it the other way around--we did go to a movie first and then went out to dinner and then hung out and went to Wal Mart, actually,” Jess said.

*examples of public accommodation include places to eat and sleep (like restaurants, diners, hotels and motels), recreation areas (like parks and swimming pools), gyms, stores, clinics, hospitals, barber shops, beauty parlors, theatres, all educational institutions for adults or children, transportation providers both public (like buses) and private (like taxis), banks, museums, and public libraries.Before he started transitioning, Alex flew home to Nebraska to tell his mother.He wrote a speech on his phone, complete with bullet points, and prepared to deliver it.We are committed to supporting and building the leadership of directly impacted transgender communities in this process.Together, ACLU-PA and transgender Pennsylvanians will engage in public education, strategic communications and direct advocacy and lobbying to create a more favorable climate for trans-friendly policy outcomes in the state.

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