Top web cams no sign in

Now without further ado, here are our top five Webcams for your webinars: The Logitech C920 may just be the reigning champ.

This is the webcam we recommend most often to our customers, and the webcam we see pop up most in discussion boards.

But don’t think its portability compromises its quality.

The C615 can stream in HD 1080p, and features eight megapixels, 360-degree swivel capabilities, autofocus, low-light correction and even has a tripod-compatible base. If you’re a PC-user looking for something outside of Logitech, the Microsoft Life Cam Studio is for you (note: it is not compatible with Chrome OS or Mac).

No matter how great a speaker you are or how interesting your topic, if your video is blurry or your audio keeps cutting out, people are going to leave and your conversions are going to drop.

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As a result, these microphones are more sensitive and tend to be used by recording artists for their high quality.

Word of caution – this camera is by far the most expensive on this list, coming in at 9.99.

However, it also has some unique features that other webcams have yet to match.

Not to mention, you can always update your webcam as newer technology comes out if you want a higher quality picture (it’s a lot cheaper than replacing your whole computer).

However, if you’re one of those presenters who can’t stand being on camera and would rather pop in a pre-made video or slideshow… You must have a webcam for Webinar Jam to work — even if you don’t plan on being on-screen much.

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