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My plan was to come and say hi and goodbye, however spending a few weeks here has made me consider moving back.Here’s the conflicting dialogue that’s been happening in my head. Pulling into Toledo the first thing I notice is the endless parking lots.It was my dream job, but 4.5 years and two company acquisitions later I needed a break from SF.For the past year, I’ve been traveling the west coast, southwest and SE Asia while working online to fund my summer I returned to Toledo to see my friends and family here.As a “Sylvania kid” I could count the number of times I’d been downtown on one hand.Frequenting places like Manhattans, the Ottawa Tavern and the Attic, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibe there.While at a local diner I asked the waitress, “Do you have any vegetarian options? ”And no, removing the chicken from the top of a salad is not acceptable vegetarian food.In Toledo you can have a burger, steak, ribs or chicken wings. While Toledo is the 5th most bar dense city in the US, the scene is as bland and one dimensional as the food scene.

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He moved to Colorado because he loved the mountains.

You don’t need me or a weatherman to tell you it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter here.

And it’s not just the cold days, it’s about the lack of sun for so many days on end.

We were both from there, we started our first band together in high-school and found comfort in each other’s company.

We both had big ideas and didn’t like the way things were in Toledo.

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