Tiwanaku dating

Due to these features, Pumapunku is often cited as evidence that Earth was visited by aliens, Atlanteans, or some other mythical people who are presumably better at stonemasonry than humans.

Tiwanaku is in Bolivia, up in the Titicaca Basin, about 10 kilometers away from the great Lake Titicaca.

The absurd numbers like 440 tons come from much earlier estimates, and have long since been corrected.

We do not claim to know how the heavy lifting and exquisite masonry was accomplished at Pumapunku, but that's a far cry from saying we believe the Tiwanaku were incapable of it.

The vast majority of the building material at Pumapunku consists of relatively small and easily handled stones, although many of the most famous are megalithic.

Decades of drought struck around 1000 AD, and the city of Tiwanaku was abandoned, and its people and culture dissolved into the surrounding mountains. So within the context of Tiwanaku, Pumapunku does not leap out as extraordinary.

However it does differ from the other structures at Tiwanaku, in that many of the blocks are shaped into highly complex geometries.

There is a row of H-shaped blocks, for example, that have approximately 80 faces on them; and all match each other with great precision.

Pumapunku's stones suggest prefabrication, which is not found at the other Tiwanaku sites.

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