The psychological factors in dating

People need to set clear and possible goals, as well as being realistic.If you recognize yourself in this dimension, it means that your life has meaning, that you have given meaning to your past, present, and future.If you are able to maintain good relationships with others, you will create links that will provide you with greater emotional quality.This implies having a greater capacity for empathy and openness towards people.Emotionally intelligent people are more optimistic, they have higher self-esteem and have a greater capacity for empathy, which helps to improve psychological well-being.People who know how to identify their emotions feel more satisfied with themselves and, as a result, feel greater well-being at a general level.

She created a questionnaire to measure people’s psychological well-being and concluded that six criteria were essential to achieve self-realization and personal potential.

” Life is a journey ; if you fall in love with the journey, you will be eternally in love.

” – Peter Hargerty – This dimension measures the ability of people to relate to others in an open and sincere way.

If you have a great sense of control over what’s around you, you’ll feel able to play a role in that environment and handle complicated situations.

If you have a hard time controlling your surroundings, according to the psychological well-being questionnaire, you will have more difficulty coping with the hardships that will occur on a daily basis.

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