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Both come from loveless and distinctions marriages.

When he’s not being absolutely horrible to me he’s the most …

Please note: The advice and comments on this forum are not intended to be clinical treatment or constitute therapy. We never met each other during courtship cos he was in the US. Fiance cheated on me with my friend while I was in same room So me and my gf have been dating for three years and have a two year old daughter and we have been engaged for 5 months. Could you please advise me whats happening with my husband? I am an Indian girl recently married & by arranged. Husband wants me to die after having a baby so he can have threesome with other women Not rated yet I asked my husband yesterday about what he said the other day, that he hope that I will die when having my baby. Serious problem in my family Not rated yet In my family 7 members are there. My father was very poor and tried to manage to give education for me and sister … Not rated yet I need some help with a situation and want people's unbiased opinions. How to ensure equal contribution to parenting and household chores. Wife constantly angry and abusive towards myself and adult children Not rated yet My wife of 35 years is often angry and verbally fighting with basically everyone around her. She still loves me but she is no longer in love with me Not rated yet Hi, I'm looking for advice as I can't get my head around what's happening to us. Not rated yet My husband and I have been married eight months and together a total of eleven months.

Contact a licensed marriage and family therapist if you need clinical help. I am doing my Ph D in the UK & my husband works in the US. She wants to live seperatly to find out why she is unhappy Not rated yet Ive been married for 15 years. We were fun, finish each others sentences, laughed so much. My husband and I are in a long distance marriage currently but visit each other … As briefly as possible, she’s always been fiery and quick … My wife and I have been married for 27 years, we have 3 grown up children … Since we've been together my husband has made a lot of comments …

Announcing Erectile dysfunction on loudspeaker Not rated yet I'm a 36 year old Indian male suffering from erectile dysfunction from many years. Not rated yet I read a text on his phone sent to an ex-coworker (a kissy emoji face) and when I confronted him about it, he says that he's not flirting and that it's … At first, I thought I just admired her because she is so smart … Not rated yet He hasn’t only tried to cheat on me with her one time but more than that.

I might get hard using Viagra but even then it is not really reliable, … My sister in law complains about me to my husband and in laws. Not rated yet I am an Indian woman married for 3.5 years now. Even when I saw that she told him that she knows he still is with me and that … Not rated yet Hi, I would like for you all to tell me if I’m overreacting.

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