Symantec anti virus problems updating remote

At this point (about a day later) I still do not see those workstations populating the System Center Console, the window is just blank.

I've ran the Discovery Services multiple times but it is still not finding the systems I did a remote installation to.

Symantec AV won't deploy the clients if Windows Firewall is enabled, you will need to disable it and then try.

You can also check to make sure that the Domain Admin account is on each of the computers.

Regarding the - I'm not familiar with that Sorry, was in the middle of a job there.

On the ACTUAL client, if you open up Symantec Antivirus, it will give a limited page giving the client the option of performing a scan, etc.

If not, two things: 1) Depending on your version of Symantec, it will communicate through either TCP or UDP.

Be sure to unhide your application data folder if it's hidden.I will have to wait a couple of hours before I can reboot that server, otherwise I'm going to make a lot of people mad :) I am wondering what you mean by this: "On the client stations, does it show the client antivirus underneath the group?" I'm remoted to one of the computers that received the client installation. The problem is I'm in the server's system console and there's only one group but none of those computers are within the group, and this is the server I selected to deploy the software with to the clients.I even go to "Find Computer" option on the system center console, and I can't even bring up any of the workstations via hostname or IP address.Regarding the GRC.dat, which one do I copy to the remote workstations? They are located in: • C:\Program Files\SAV • C:\Program Files\SAV\logon • C:\Program Files\SAV\CLT-INST\WIN32 • E:\Software\Symantec Corporate\Tools\Sample I'm still leaning towards network communications being screwy between your clients, but, that aside:

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