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So E); // retrieve IDs in tables Engr and So E Engr = DB.

Get So EBy Ids(Empl IDs); // retrieve objects from So E Batch.

When I tried to put some break point in it, I got this error message which doesn't show on normal mode : System.

In Use is a bit field) For some reason it isn't working. It's as if the The table could not be updated properly because it had no primary key.

If I try to set the value of the column to ZERO, the Submit Changes does not update the column. My problem was being caused by the fact when I created my entity to attach, the default value of the column was set to zero, so when it tried to assign the value to zero ... LINQ to SQL ignores updates to the current value, so if the field was already zero, you may not see any updates. just to make it work is the following: I thought this would load the original values ... So when it updates the properties it sees the Units already as 0 and it sets it to zero.

EDIT2: It mentions the username and Last Updated By issue here: doesn't elaborate on exactly how to deal with it other than to use the "Updating event" in the LINQ data source.this._Walking = value; All I had to do was change this to this. // ********************************* // People Updates // ********************************* // In Engr and So E Empl IDs = Input List. Get Engr By Ids(Empl IDs); // retrieve objects from Engr So E = DB.I can of course access that event, but I don't know what to do once I'm there... Linq Data Source Update Event Args) Handles lds Audit Criteria Details. Now End Sub However, I don't claim to fully understand that.EDIT3 It looks like this may be what I need to do once I'm there (under setting values programmatically) anyone has alread addressed this problem (and I know I'm not the only one who needs to do this) feel free to give me a shout... Updating Dim auditcriteria As Audit Criteria auditcriteria = CType(e. The table I'm working with in the database is called Audit Criteria.

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