Stupid cupid dating website

Anyway, if you’ve been following this blog, you may recall that it’s been a somewhat dark summer (darker than Jessie Spano’s pill addiction-hiyoooo), at least in terms of dating.

Psyching myself up to just sign onto Okcupid currently looks something like this: I really only started to think about this after reading L’s tale of downgrading her first date location and remembering that I’ve also pulled that move (making two out of three Stucu bloggers the worst!

post so I omitted the requests for/offers of pics and the measurements. Is it weird that the thing that bugs me the most about this one is the grammar? I imagine this gentleman reading my profile, sitting at his computer with a Justin Bieber poster overhead.

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Sometime you go through life, minding your own business, when your ex from way back appears like the ghost of Christmas past and haunts you. For instance a guy could be otherwise perfect but if I went to his place and saw he collected Funko Pop figurines every bit of moisture in my puss would immediately dry up. And dust them every once in a while, for god's sake. I went on a few dates last year where someone had "conservative" on their profile, and I figured I'd give it a shot because after all, I have more than a few conservative friends, and this can't be too different, right? It turns on all of them were the "durr welfare queens are ruining everything/Clinton had people killed" type, and now I'm back to dating moderates/liberals only.I’ve put together this ridiculous message hall of fame for your enjoyment. These were all the first things these gentlemen sent me. I am an entire high school student older than this dude.There was no communication prior to these messages. I tried to not reiterate the themes from the Not Ok, Cupid, Not Ok! But he’s cool with keeping it casual, so that’s nice. Let me remove these troublesome panties immediately then.

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