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And everyone knows the best flirting goes down in the smoking area, right?While a tiki bar on Bath Street might not seem like the place to find The One, if you spend your days skimming classifieds for fun people with GSOH, then you should save yourself the price of the paper and come here instead.

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This city is bursting with energy, and with so much to see...

The crowd at the Tiki Bar are such a fun bunch, super friendly and up for a laugh.

So get some Dutch courage in the form of South Pacific cocktails into you, and strike up a conversation, you never know who you might meet.

Join Revolution, not only for a fun meal and cocktails with friends, but stick around long enough and you'll get to revel in their late night party scene. Look no further than Shilling Brewing Co as they brew their pints on site.

As well as serving up some seriously delicious tipples, this spot is also perfect for a bit of fun-time socialising - whether that be a boys night out, a girls' get-together or singles night out in Glasgow.

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