Sonic dating game girls

I've worked very hard on it, and added a few finishing touches, and now I'm ready to release it to the world. Thank you for providing me with so much entertainment and happiness in the past.

Sonic Underground Remix Side Story: Sonic notices that Amy's a little bit sad just before the Triplet's birthday and wishes to cheer her up.

Orgville Maurice Kintobor scratched the back of his neck to allieviate some of the pressure within the room.

He had once been working on hacking into the spyware database with the Underground's viral friend, Mobius, when he and his assistant in the form of a two-tailed fox were 'visited' by an slightly portly hedgehog demanding them that they help him figure out what was wrong with Amy Rose.

Indeed, what Tails had said to the blue-quilled hedgehog was absolutely correct.

we knew what was up with your girlfriend, we'd be telling you right now?

" The orange-haired human asked, still a bit uncomfortable with the looks he had been getting ever since joining the Resistance entirely.

It took a while for the half-human to respond, during which Sonic wasn't sure if he and Tails were drowning in they're sweat, but it took a moment to realize thaty what he said was a positive for the two."How about instead of figuring out what is the problem," Kintobor stated plainly, knowing full well what would happen if Amy caught Sonic reading in her diary that the orange-haired human was keeping in his desk, "we instead find a way to make Amy happy?

"Now was something both Sonic and Miles could get behind.

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