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There are several reasons why PDF file format is so popular.

PDFs are generally more compact (smaller in size) than the source document and they preserve the original formatting.

Please be extra careful with it, because if you do something wrong, you can damage your Windows installation and even make your computer disabled.

If you are not familiar with the Registry Editor, you may want to ask a more experienced friend or a colleague for help.

While PDF Files are “read only” by default, there are workarounds that will let you modify any PDF document for free without requiring the source files or any of the commercial PDF editing tools like Adobe Acrobat.

First things first: the following steps involve changing values in Windows Registry.Windows 10 comes with the new web browser, Edge, that is also set up as the default application for handling several other popular files, such as PDF.If you prefer another program to open the PDF files, you can set up that program using the Default Programs tool of Control Panel. command that appears on the right-click menu for the PDF files.If you decide later on that you want to return to the previous behavior, simply remove the underscore character from the name of the App Xd4nrz8ff68srnhf9t5a8sbjyar1cr723 key (thus restoring its original name).The PDF file format was originally created by Adobe in the early ’90s and it now the most popular format for exchanging all sorts of documents including presentations, CAD Drawings, invoices, government forms and other legal documents.

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