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(I know this because they've told me about the guy and explained their level of interest).They'll even get frustrated because the guy isn't responding as fast as they want, and I've been asked, "Why isn't he responding, doesn't he like me?Usually I read a message then put my phone away again until I have time to respond.Usually the opportunity arises within an hour or two." - I wanted to add some other thoughts that I've seen on here.Women are very emotional, they will act based on their emotions, and mostly in the moment.Normally, I'd maybe consider the more negative outlook and assume they're not interested and trying to figure out what to say. Understandably, people are busy so immediate responses are not an option (nor does it need to be immediate).Although, if you have an i Phone, Whats App or Facebook, you can see 'read receipts' so you know they've seen what you have to say.

But if she's Well maybe not entirely with Cryogen_at_work's point, you should keep what he says in mind.

I think most girls will tell you why they stopped texting later if it was actually something critical.

Personally I don't text anywhere near as much as I used to and I'm happier for it.

People delay or don't respond to messages for all sorts of reasons, deliberate and otherwise, and unless you something from someone by a deadline (how often is this the case when you're texting a girl you're interested in? However, I rarely send more than a handful of texts to a girl a day, and never more than one without a response. I believe it's interest, I have texted girls immediately/no time matching etc. I also ignore girl messages sometimes just cause at the time of reading it I go..."meh I don't feel like replying, later I'll do it".

) it seems like it's better for everyone involved if you don't stress about it. From what I've experienced, its in many cases their interest isnt that high, they're busy, or theyre purposefully delaying.

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