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Pachter says Pandora has lost over 0 million in 20 due to sky high royalty rates.

If the deal goes through, he expects Sirius to re-negotiate terms with the labels.

But stranger things have happened – Apple was once left for dead, remember, before Steve Jobs returned in the 1990s and helped engineer one of the greatest corporate revivals ever. So what if You Tube's new Music service does a better job of identifying our likes and dislikes, based on our Google search history? Instead, you could pick a song or artist and create radio stations based on them, with only a handful of songs based on your picks during the hour, due to copyright laws.

Or if more people have gotten used to the Spotify interface? On-demand listening, like on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, became the format of choice, in more recent years.

Pandora also has a .99 monthly on-demand service, Pandora Premium, which is 4th in a 4-way race led by Spotify, Apple and Amazon, Pachter says.

Sirius XM is all about selling subscriptions to listen to Howard Stern and stations based on genres like 70s, 80s and 90s, and for those who want on-demand music, "now Sirius can cross sell a Spotify clone," he says.

That's the question many asked Monday, in the wake of Sirius XM's proposed purchase of the struggling Pandora music service, one of the oldest Internet brands, dating back to the early oughts. Announced Monday, the merger puts the smaller, but wealthier Sirius, which has just over 30 million paying subscribers, as the new owner of Pandora, home to 70 million active mostly ad-supported listeners.

A comeback seems doubtful – just ask AOL and Yahoo how that's going? Pandora has long been popular with listeners as a place to hear free music, but not on demand.

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"It's a winning combination." Pandora's biggest issue has been its double-edged sword.

It is under contract to the record labels in paying higher copyright fees than on-demand outlets, and thus, the more listeners it gets, the more money it has to pay out.

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