Sex dating in steubenville ohio

De Wine says at least 16 teenagers at the party still refuse to cooperate with authorities.

Those attitudes are the result of many factors, activists and academics say.

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And it is simply not OK.”Only 36 Ohio counties have rape-crisis services, such as a 24-hour hotline, criminal justice and hospital advocacy, or community outreach, he said.

For one, school sex-education programs typically focus only on abstinence or birth control, not issues like bystander intervention or violence prevention, which can help young people identify rape and avoid automatically blaming the victim.

Steubenville highlights the need to open a more honest and comprehensive conversation among young people about rape, some say.“Much of [rape prevention] comes down to what’s taught in schools or not.

The next day, two Steubenville girls were arrested for threatening the victim over Twitter.

But Ohio Attorney General Mike De Wine is pressing further, saying that the case is emblematic of a wider cultural problem.

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