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More » Inside the procedure, it loops over the tables in the database, does some basic checks, such as checking a table doesn't have it's clustered index disabled, checks if a table is hekathon (to determine if the list of statistics on a table should be read from sys.stats or sys.indexes), checks if it's a hekathon table again to add fullscan in case of a hekathon table and then executes a simple UPDATE STATISTICS.Compounding the problem is that "more men than women use the service, with the disparity increasing as they advance in age", and "Men seek sex, while women seek passion." A page on Ashley Madison, entitled "Is Ashley Madison a scam? " addressed some of these issues in an attempt to win over prospective customers and teach them best practices for using the site.Ashley Madison had over 70,000 bots sending fake female messages to male users.Have an affair." The company received attention on July 15, 2015, after hackers stole all of its customer data—including emails, names, home addresses, sexual fantasies and credit card information—and threatened to post the data online if Ashley Madison and fellow Avid Life Media site Established were not permanently closed.By July 22, the first set of customer names were released by hackers, with all of the user data released on August 18, 2015.

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    It’s like if I had a 1/10 chance of winning the lottery and I meet another person who also has a 1/10 chance of winning the lottery, then combined we have a 2/10 chance of winning the lottery.

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    And where better to find your soul mate than while watching your favourite band rock out at one of the finest music venues in the nation?