Rekonnect dating

What are the hotspots that make both of you tense and unwilling to compromise?

Have you taken time to step back and see it from your partner’s point of view?

Even more powerful is the effect of listening to your partner’s point of view fully (without trying to conjure up a rebuttal) and then saying, “you’re right.” Try this. More importantly, watch your broken marriage begin to be repaired.

Being heard by your partner is one of the greatest feelings.

No matter how bad things have gotten, or how far from fixing your broken marriage you are, there is still something in your spouse that you admire.

There is something that originally drew you to them that is still there today. There are so many times we think a generous thought about our spouses, but then just let it fade away, never letting them know it. Hearing a genuine compliment from your spouse has far-reaching effects.

Pick one of these suggestions and throw real effort behind it.

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You can still disagree, but understand why your partner feels a certain way.When your spouse brings something up that irritates you, how do you react?Do you immediately roll your eyes, or raise your voice?Just about every disagreement could benefit from one, or both, of you taking a moment to step back and fully understand where your partner is coming from.The following are different techniques for easing the tension and ultimately finding more effective ways to communicate.

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