Ratial dating

Now that they're back together, Kate makes her first appearance at a formal event with the prince in 18 months.She watches William receive his wings as a qualified RAF pilot from the Prince of Wales at a ceremony in Cranwell.In 2002, they move into a student house with two other friends and by Christmas 2003, romance blossoms when Kate splits from her previous boyfriend.Their relationship becomes public after they are pictured skiing in Klosters together and in June 2005, the royal and his new girlfriend are pictured looking very much in love on the day of their graduation ceremony.

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It is important to distinguish between fake news on the one hand, and mere biased reporting on the other.

For example, in the British Bangladeshi community, those who are cohabiting are seven times more likely to be with someone from another background as those who are married.

It suggests that cultural barriers still make it more difficult for those in inter-ethnic relationships to formalise their status by marriage.

Kate makes her most significant public appearance to date when she turns up to watch William graduate as an Army officer.

This is the biggest clue that she has been widely accepted into royal circles.

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