Rain dating

R: Yeah, December was the month of cleaning everything up.S: I didn't actually know that, but I also didn't want to jump into anything like, “OK, now you're done with this one, so now, let's be monogamous." That just didn't seem healthy to me.But they could only put off finding Love IRL for so long…Sierra: It wasn't until two weeks after the project that we even kissed. We went to go get brunch, and it was a long brunch that turned into afternoon lunch. Also, I was looking to leave my job at the time, and I didn't want to rock the boat more than I was already. Then, Rain had one last woman leftover in London whom she had to end things with before she could give herself wholly to Sierra.I was planning on leaving, and I didn't want people knowing I was dating someone who I covered in a story. S: She needed to burn kind of a lot of bridges at that point.

But I guess I thought the original girl here [in America] was the last loose end, so it was a little surprising to have another one in London that I just didn't even know about.

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Rain Dove, a model who is dating Rose Mc Gowan, has been in the news after turning over texts with the Italian actress Asia Argento to the police.

S: It wasn't until after the New Year that we were monogamous.

R: When I got back from London, Sierra was like OK, clean slate. And we've really had a pretty solid, amazing relationship since then.

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