Purpose dating

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members. For me, it would be a means to an end - to find a partner. When you are younger,(or really at any age) dating helps you discover who you are.discover the kind of things which you would desire out of a relationship.the person you are dating.. Dating can be great.you don't obsess over the insignificant details..

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But we can take steps to actively cultivate patience in ourselves, and seek out this quality in a partner. Many people tend to have an “all or nothing” mentality: they either want a relationship to be exciting all the time or else not at all.We should also have friendships and family relationships that bring us happiness. The key is finding the balance here: we can’t depend on our relationship for too much happiness and we should not settle for too little.These guidelines worked for me, and today I am happily in a partnership with Frank.WILL present.and clear Later on, you come to a point where you have gained enough self knowledge/confidence.well as mastering all those "desired" traits which you are looking for in someone.start attracting(unless you still aren't listening to the flashing red lights) the kind of people who may "fit" exactly what you are seeking.. And I do think it a good idea to be in at least one long term serious relationship before getting married. I think that my sex drive is just fine, but I am only interested in making love, and I'm not interested in having sex for the sake of fun or physical release or ego boosting. Otherwise, all my life I've had many great male platonic friends, and from spending time with them, I've gotten a good sense of what sort of personalities and traits I prefer in a boyfriend.And with time will come that one person who stands out amongst all the rest.. I have no regrets about my romantic past and with each failed relationship, I learned how to sort out my priorities and do it better. I feel there are many very enjoyable things to do in life, not just having sex. And I would never date a man that thought having sex and looking at porn was the most enjoyable activity in his life. So I haven't needed to do any actual field research by dating lots of different men in order to achieve the same purpose.

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