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This one, however, is a personally curated list of words with examples—and the highest rated such app to date in the Skills store.Invocations: "Alexa, open Today's Word of the Day." TED Talks You can access the entire TED Talks library from the comfort of your Echo device.

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The responder gets an SMS text and a phone call with an automated voice telling them you asked for the alert to go out.

" "Alexa, Ask Twitter for Tweets I liked." The United States census takes place every 10 years and collects a metric butt-load (that's totally a thing) of data about the country as well as individual states and all sorts of demographics.

Ask Census Data for things like population, median incomes, poverty rates, etc. For some reason, the skill is tagged by the developer as "may not be suitable for all ages." So don't let the kids ask about income levels.

This official Amazon skill lets you ask Alexa for a useful daily tip on new and existing features you've not yet enabled. You see fewer of them in the age of smartphones, but if a smartphone isn't an option, there's the Echo.

Enable this skill and when you say "Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing? If you have an Amazon Echo Show, you get the automatic suggestions on the screen periodically, but this is an especially good skill if you have a screenless Echo. " will add the daily tip to all the other customized info in your daily flash briefing. With Ask My Buddy, get a spoken-word lifeline to personal responders.

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