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We just don't think he will appreciate school until he has a taste of how difficult life will be without an education.

We are considering charging him 0 a month for room and board as long as he's not in school.

But the rules should be more like roommate rules than the parent-child rules of high school, in my opinion.

If she were away at college now instead of at home, she would be doing as she pleases.

That's how they learn and grow into responsible adults! Our 19 year-old-old son is a brilliant underachiever who has the intellect (but not the grades) to have attended just about any college he chose. He announced last week that he needs ''a break'' and did not register for Spring semester.

He has a part time job bagging groceries and spends the rest of his time playing video games.

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The years of 18 to 21 are tricky if they are living at home.I think your plan of charging rent and asking your son to move out after six months of not attending school makes sense.I encourage you to be kind, loving, supportive and firm.Maybe this is even something you could do together.( I guess my point here is that it can be tempting to get into a battle with a rebellious teen.

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