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It is because we knew, India is not united with one language or culture.

So if any error was made by the typist, he needs to scroll the paper up, find the error and then re-position the paper properly, which is almost impossible. They just want to slow down the typing speed so that the possibilities of doing error will drop. But if anyone can practice regular 2 hours for 6 months consecutively, he may reach 65 WPM speed.But it’s good to use a desktop full function keyboard. First of all, if you are a writer or a programmer you have to have a good typing speed.And if possible use PS-2 keyboard because PS-2 port responds faster than USB. Similarly, a good typing speed can be beneficial to the person, who is preparing for an exam.But we recommend typing test 1 minute or typing test 2 minutes application to check your typing speed and accuracy. According to the professional typists, touch typing is the best method of typing.But many professionals use the Hybrid method (the combination of Touch Typing and Hunt & Peck). In the early days, typing was done on a typewriter where the paper was rolled on a roller.

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