No ugly people allowed dating

Other members will use this photo as a source of judging your physical attractiveness.Within 48 hours after completing your profile, active site members will begin to vote for your worthiness to become a member of the site. You can see directly from the site how the voting progresses through the graph tallying the votes you get from the other site members. (Once you go white, you never go back.)Member #2NAME: Ibkaye Spot(I changed my last name in honor of my childhood dog) NICKNAME: Veggy Hippie SEX: Female AGE: 30OCCUPATION: Sales clerk in an organic health food store. I’m a member of PETA and Greenpeace (Save the whales! I have 17 cats, 8 parakeets, 2 ferrets, and a three-legged, one-eyed, diabetic dog named Lucky. At the end of the week, I would make a comparison on which booger is bigger. The biggest downside of using the site is the likelihood of finding people who are giving more weight to people based on physical attraction.Members can always vote off others who are subjectively not beautiful in their eyes.If other members will not find you attractive enough, then you should expect not to belong to the site.

It gives the feeling of being on a trial and being judged according to your physical merit.

One need not emphasize the danger of meeting people to date with a fake profile on the site.

In an attempt to meet and date gorgeous men and women, one may be tempted to use a fake photo, and a beautiful one at that, in order to gain a favorable vote from the other site members.

Are you both jubocycke and jmkbond related to each otha or something?

One again I will say this, are you interested in ma client ? Anywayz, Scopium, care to date anyone of ma client?

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