Niall and demi dating

No, Niall is NOT engaged, he does't even have a girlfriend.Niall was reported in the newspapers this weekend with having a Twitter relationship with Demi Lovato.Niall Horan and selena Gómez aré not dating,why arent they?Because we al know that Selena wants justin back and if Niall and selena were dating Justin Bieber Would of got mad at Niall Horan because Niall and justin aré best friends.

Contact Supplier One Direction can add another fan to their growing list: pop star Demi Lovato!So The Answer Is NO THEY ARÉ NOT DATING Niall Would never do that to justin or will he?Niall - Single Harry - Single Zayn - Dating Perrie Edwards (@Little Mix Offic on Twitter) Liam - Dating Danielle Peazer (@Danielle Peazer on Twitter) Louis - Dating Eleanor Calder (@Eleanor JCalder on Twitter) Louis is dating Eleanor Calder. Liam has been on-and-off again with Danielle Peazer. Harry Styles is dating Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik is dating Perrie Edwards, Louis Tomlinson is dating Eleanor Calder, and Liam Payne is dating Danielle Peazer.He is hoping to meet up with her at the MTV music video awards in LA early in September 2012.Celebuzz: is it true that you have a crush on joe/ Demi: no,no,no were just close friends and I don't think, I like him Celebuzz: Who do you think is cutest among all the Jo Bros?

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