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as long as you type in the information you can, theyre is always ways to lie to get on if you are for some reason "banned" from myspace which i doubt has happened yet. under 13 or 14 but you can find ways to get around that.I replied to not a one and deactivated my account within the week.Now, a couple months since my breakup and with still no desire to date anyone “for real,” The Project sounds super fun. ” or “What are the first things that people notice about you?” when my kneejerk reaction on reading these sorts of questions is, “None of your business”?

For the sake of taking this seriously and getting this blog off the ground, I complete my profile, but seriously, I’m not sure there’s a point since it seems that most people are just looking at my picture and deciding that I’m “interesting” based on the color of my hair and my interest in Brit Brit.) that you would find yourself doing when you were bored at midnight with nothing else to do? So, I have decided to bring them back – Saturday Surveys Style. 😀 HOW MUCH HAVE YOU CHANGED IN 15 YEARS ***15 YEARS AGO (2000)**** 1. I’ve decided against ever displaying a cross-stitch project in my home until I’m a “woman of a certain age” – likely close to retirement. And because I am too lazy to start a brand new blog when this one is so sad and empty, I’m going to document everything here.And I’m just too cheap to buy the supplies needed to make jewelry that I can buy for less money – already made! I had an OKCupid profile very, very briefly following the end of a long relationship, and during that handful of days I did nothing but balk at the messages I received.

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