Muslim dating realities

[…] In March 2010, the SCTA flew Saudi and international archaeologists and pre‑historians to al‑Magar for a brief daytime survey.

Genetic studies have been addressing this problem, defending either the hypothesis of several original areas of domestication.Horse riding really took off in the Early‑Iron‑Age Luristan.In Mesopotamia, cavalry developed after 900 BC where it progressively replaced chariotry.On the head of the statue there are clear signs of a bridle which in turn confirms that inhabitant of al‑Magar domesticated horses”“Presence of horse statues of big sizes, coupled with Neolithic artefacts and tools dating back to 9,000 years ago is considered an important archaeological discovery at the international arena particularly in view that the latest studies indicated that animal domestication was known for the first time 5,500 years ago in central Asia.This site demonstrated that horses were domesticated in Saudi Arabia before a long period of the afore‑mentioned date”“Al‑Magar site incarnated four significant Arabian cultural characteristics for which the Arabs are highly proud of.

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