Mcafee epo updating external users

e Policy Orchestrator software is designed to be extremely flexible.It can be set up in many different ways, to meet your unique needs.7 Distributed repositories placed throughout your network host your security content locally, so agents can receive updates more quickly.8 Remote Agent Handlers help to scale your network to handle more agents with a single Mc Afee e PO server.Super Agents distribute the bandwidth load of concurrent wake-up calls.Instead of sending agent wake-up calls from the server to every agent, the server sends the Super Agent wake-up call to Super Agents in the selected System Tree segment.5 Users log onto the e Policy Orchestrator console to perform security management tasks, such as running queries to report on security status or working with your managed software security policies.6 The Mc Afee update server hosts the latest security content, so your e Policy Orchestrator can pull the content at scheduled intervals.

Database server — Used to extend the advanced reporting tools provided with e Policy Orchestrator software.

To determine the e PO version number when you are logged on to e PO: e PO 5.x: The version number is shown on the left pane of the Menu screen.

You can also determine the version by checking the version information contained within the file on the e PO server. The default location for the file is as follows: …\Program Files\Mc Afee\e Policy Orchestrator\DB e Policy Orchestrator software is an extensible management platform that enables centralized policy management and enforcement of your security policies.

Once an agent is deployed to a system, the system can be managed by your Mc Afee e PO server.

Secure communication between the server and managed system is the bond that connects all the components of your e Policy Orchestrator software.

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