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Judging Rushmore, it seems likely that Mason will probably not fade into adulthood.

Mason Gamble began acting at age 6, and very soon had a number of roles to his credit.

In the same year, Mason starred in the horror film “Bad Moon” which is about a family man who struggles against lycanthropy, and is based on the novel entitled “Thor”.

In 1997, Gamble was cast in “Gattaca” which starred Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, a science fiction film depicting a future society driven by eugenics.

Name: Dirk Calloway, student at Rushmore Academy Affiliations: French Club, Model UN - Mexico, Debate Team, Fencing Team, Trap & Skeet Club, Max Fischer Players, Kite Flying Society - Co-founder Played by: Mason Gamble Quote: "With friends like you, who needs friends? Although Mason is merely a teenager, he has been in Hollywood for a long time (well, relative to his age! Mason's big break came in the 1990's film version of Dennis the Menace, earning his starring role by beating out 20,000 other Dennis Mitchell hopefuls in a national casting call.

The story is about a young traveler who accidentally meets a mystical golfing expert while in Scotland.He played the title role of Dennis Mitchell in “Dennis the Menace”.It was this performance for which he won the Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actor.Gamble also appeared in Groundhog Day, Gattaca, Rushmore, Arlington Road, among many others.Born in Chicago, he attended UCLA Dentistry Program, graduating in 2008 and still lives in Los Angeles.

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