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She also acted in Disney's The Haunted Mansion, playing Eddie Murphy's wife, played Brandy in the movie My Baby's Daddy, and played Victoria in Black Knight.

She is thought to be dating model Damion Grace, but both have said they are just very good friends.

PW: Tonight’s episode is titled “In the Red” — what can you tell us about it?

Marsha: It’s a really fun episodes, I have some really fun costumes because Jones and Diana go undercover.

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The show returns tonight for its third season, and this time around we’ll have more Diana than ever before. I think they cast her out of LA, actually, and we’re shooting in New York so I wasn’t involved with that process. There’s a fitting, then the pictures are sent off for approval, and like fifty million people have to approve them and so I’m the last person they’re worried about!

On the one hand, we wanna know because we’re fans too, but on the other, it allows you to play each script honestly. Marsha: It’s funny you say that, because when a pilot is made, you don’t often know where the show is going to go.

And I actually didn’t know when we filmed that scene if Diana was gay or not.

Not to build up our parts [laughs], I’m not calling myself Hepburn, but you know what i mean.

It sometimes feels like the 20’s when we’re talking. We’re constantly running the lines when we don’t need to be because we have fun saying them and we want to honor the writing by nailing the dialogue.

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