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Established in 1882, the town is located in the beautiful, scenic Upper Squaw Creek Valley between Horseshoe Bend and Emmett, but there is little to distinguish Ola from the surrounding farmscape besides the store and post office.

This tiny town is home to more than a few historic places, but this lodge and general store is known for serving up some fantastic huckleberry ice cream and huckleberry crisp -- it's so famous, in fact, that Elk River is often known as "Huckleberry Heaven." The lodge sits above the old general store, which looks nearly the same as it did nearly a century ago.

This is beautifully rustic general store with its western-styled wooden false front is a post office as well, and depending on where you're coming from, the first building you will have seen for 20 miles or so.

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The Lenore Trading Company, a general store, was established early on, but the post office didn't make its appearance until 1900.

But the town has never been much bigger than it is today.

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