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There are also working class in Kuwait who has low paid jobs such as manual labour, drivers, chefs, hotel attendants, cleaners and from any other sectors.There are all sort of expats in Kuwait who have different sort of jobs over there.Dating for expats info Living in Kuwait is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.

Last week I read a comment on Facebook about how restrictive life must be for women working in the Middle East… Hopefully this post will unravel the reasons for that statement and educate some uninformed people.Working class people in Kuwait have different jobs; some of them have professional jobs such as medical, engineering, lawyers, accountant and other well paid professionals.Expats in Kuwait have some of the very highly respected and highly paid jobs over there.There are also expats in Kuwait who are running different businesses over there.Some of them have small businesses such as shops, restaurants, cafes, workshops, show rooms, internet cafes and transport businesses.

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