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Yes, the initial game is much the same, but if you are planning to take it to the next level and get involved there are some things you need to be prepared for.Let’s address the elephant in the room right at the start – a lot of people automatically assume when they see a Western man dating Asian women she is either A) After a green card or visa, or B) Is poor and looking for security/wealth. A lot of the Asian women who come to the West with the boyfriends/husbands do in fact fit this category, but by no means all of them have an agenda.Yes, there are obese German tourists walking along the streets of Bangkok with two teenage prostitutes on each arm, but outside of the disgusting tourist trail that would put Caligula to shame you will find tens of thousands of happily married Western men with Asian wives, many of whom actively The second thing you will begin to notice is that the idea of Asian people being poor is a huge misconception.

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However, when you come to Asia itself you will begin to see a very different story.

He's written over 25 books and itineraries, and is the founder of Entro Games and Blog Tuneup.

He's lived in Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and has traveled across Europe.

I decided to write this article on dating Asian women to clear up some misunderstandings and ideas people have, as well as to give some advice for those who are thinking about it or who are dating an Asian woman.

A lot of regular readers on the site know that I have lived in Asia since 2007.

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