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It’s a quality they grow up with, absorbing it from family and social roots that stretch back thousands of years.These women are family oriented, and most look forward to getting married, even though their husband is nearly always chosen for them.Straddling the tectonic plates of Eurasia and India, the country experiences more earthquakes than any other state in the Himalayan region.

Under Islam, women are seen as lesser citizens in comparison to men, and therefore often paid less than the minimum wage.Today, Pakistan has more than 35 million users of the Internet, so there are enormous possibilities of being able to contact some of the beautiful people of this amazing country.Similar to the cuisine found in neighbouring India, the food in Pakistan tends to be well-seasoned, spicy and very tasty.Because of the country’s traditional patriarchal society, men are customarily seen as figures of unquestionable authority, while women are held in subordination and merely available to provide children and look after the home.Though they are, to some extent, protected and viewed as the central pivot of family honour, this respect varies from state to state and depends on class and ethnicity.

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