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What happens when more committed Jewish couples have the chance to experience Israel together?

They connect more deeply with each other and with the Jewish state.

In four different geographic areas, Nu Roots Fellows interact with young Jews who want to create a new kind of grassroots experience.Then participants spend all 10 days of the experience with their Israeli peers, bonding as they see and do it all.When they get back to Los Angeles, we offer a host of ways for them to stay connected to each other and the work of our Federation — which keeps the incredible feeling of this unique Jewish journey going strong. That’s why we help provide college students with a wide variety of ways to participate, celebrate, advocate, and innovate — all designed to keep them connected to their Jewish identities as they navigate the world of higher learning.There are professional networks for movers and shakers of every description and leadership opportunities for people who want to help build this incredible community of Jewish young adults. What a great way to experience life in the Jewish state, build professional skills, make new friends, and learn conversational Hebrew.It happens through Onward Israel, and the young adults who take this particular Jewish journey see the world in a whole new way.

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